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Re: [BKARTS] nitrophenol

"J. J. Foncannon" wrote:
>     I'm contemplating its use both for the preservation of the prepared glue, ad for
> the prepared book.

Like Charles, I don't add anything to my hide glue; although I can't say
I've never had mold grow in the gluepot (the horror...). I'd rather fire
up the gluepot every couple of days when the weather gets subtropical
or, worst case, make up a fresh batch. 

And while it is true that hot glue is organic and thus tasty to some
critters & fungi, so are just about all the other elements of a book; so
adding something to the glue won't necessarily prevent said critters
from munching or taking root on some other component. I tbink there's
not much we can take to enhance the longevity of our work other than to
use the best techniques and materials at our disposal. After that, it's
out of our control.

Just my $.02.


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