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Re: [BKARTS] nitrophenol + suggestion

William Minter wrote:

> Then I happened upon the new, scented waxes (like Yankee Candles) that
> are becoming very popular. Instead of burning a candle, the scented wax
> pellets are placed in a warming dish that uses either a candle, an
> electric hot plate, or a small watt light bulb.
> I purchased a ceramic warmer with a 40 watt light bulb as a test for
> gelatin.
> A small 1.5 oz. stainless steel, butter cup is set into hot tap water
> in the ceramic cup that is part of the unit. With an aluminum foil lid,
> the water and the gelatin seem to maintain 145 degrees F, which seems
> ideal for glue. The light bulb acts as an indicator light when the unit
>   is "On" ---  (I did not want to use a candle, nor the hot plate type
> that only has a tiny indicator bulb.)
> When the glue is not being used, the butter cup can be placed in a
> refrigerator (maybe even in the freezer) to slow or prevent mold
> growth.

Now that's a great idea.


Don Rash

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