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Re: [BKARTS] Book in a Book Also BOXES

On the topic of "Book in a Book", I had my hand at making a box this
week. I took an old copy of a hardcover business manual, cut out the
pages, and built a box into the book, covering the box with marbled
paper. It was just large enough for me to put in a hand-bound ledger for
keeping in the car. It also acts as a product sample when we don't have
any on hand. This thing looks gorgeous.

I have also made a special box for a tarot deck, which we've posted onto
Ebay today. Also very pretty. You can see some photos of this one by
going to ebay auction number 4571815374 (just cut an paste it into the
search). I will post it to our webpage gallery next month.

Thanks to everyone who responded regarding getting me a copy of the SU
handbook on boxmaking. I had a few offers, and lots of suggestions. 

Octavia & Co. Press
Octavia Occult . Com
3112 - 28th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta Canada
T3E 0R8
403 242 0397

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