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Re: [BKARTS] suggestions for dies and stamping in new york city

There used to be several great die-cut and foil-stamp companies in NYC but
many have closed or moved out of the city. I used to use a terrific one
called Freedman Cut-outs that was in Chelsea, but they were bought out by
Bertelsmann and promptly shut down.

A really good one is in Connecticut but most of the work they do is from the
NYC metro area. They are called Connecticut Die-Services. It's in Waterbury
CT which is a hike, perhaps 1h45m - 2 h. drive from NYC but you can ship
stuff to them. They have a huge industrial laser die maker but can also do
everything by hand if need be. They make dies for lots of other die-cutters
and printers. Do you know those little air-freshener pine trees that hang
from rear view mirrors? They make the whole huge nested sheet of dies for
those, a very tricky die to make. They also do all the die-cutting for Paper
House Productions, whose cards and stickers you have probably seen.

They are also specialists in all sorts of embossing.

Here's their info:

Connecticut Die Cutting Services, Inc.
440 Chase River Road
Waterbury, CT  06704

Don or Ken Bessette

I don't think they have a web site. They are very old fashioned.

25 is a lot less then they usually run, but they will do any number for a
price I think.

On 8/26/05 2:37 PM, Shana Agid wrote:

> I'm a recent transplant from the Bay to NYC and need to get a stamping
> die made and about 25 book covers stamped as soon as possible.  Can
> anyone on the list recommend a place that makes dies and a place that
> does stamping?  Thanks so much for your help.
> Shana Agid
> rindpress@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Philip Zimmermann
6455 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck NY 12572

T :   845.876.2719

check out:  

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