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Re: [BKARTS] Women of the Book

After almost eight years of circulating through the United States, Women of
the Book: Jewish Artists, Jewish Themes is about to end its tour with just
one hope that there is an institution out there that would like the
exhibition before it is disbanded at the end of September for the last time.
In its three configurations, the show has attracted thousands of viewers of
all denominations, colors and creeds, and has been a source of a curriculum
at some universities and the subject of many papers by many students.

Created to be a gallery exhibition of 1500 to 2000 sq. ft., the exhibition,
curated by Judith A. Hoffberg which is accompanied by a catalog, is
available for rental this fall or winter.  If not, it will be disbanded for
the last time.  So, if someone has a cancellation, a desire to have the
show, or a burning desire to see the cutting edge of books on family
traditions, ritual, identity, identity and identity that has universal
reverberations, then contact Judith A. Hoffberg.

Judith A. Hoffberg
P.O. Box 3640
Santa Monica, CA 90408
(310)399-1146, fax: 399-5070
Let a smile be your umbrella!

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