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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS nonsense

I respectfully disagree that MSDS are "nonsense".

Material Safety Data Sheets are an international standard format for
recording the properties and safety properties of materials used in
industry.  Naturally, they are focused on what happens with repeated
exposure or when dealing with large amounts of high concentrations of
substances.  Their warnings are less relevant to occasional and casual use.

But if we as binders are working with materials, we should know the risks.
Most of us already know not to drink bleach or let it stand on our skin for
extended periods of time.  But we didn't all grow up with the other
chemicals we're using in our binderies, and some of them are pretty bad for
us if they're misused.  On top of that, binderies that are run as commercial
operations may be subject to health and safety regulations (OSHA and the
like), so even if the information is "nonsense", the law says you have to
follow the recommendations.

I say, when in doubt, read the MSDS to determine how to use a product
safely.  At least then you know where the risks are.

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