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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS nonsense

Respectfully I disagree strongly that MSDS are nonsense.
I am responsible for the printmaking area in a School of art where students and instructors
are in contact with many binding materials (and printmaking materials) and by law, as a school
as with businesses, we are required to be educated about the hazards of the materials we
expose other people to in the workplace. I have had to testify several times in court cases
where people had become seriously ill and made accusations of
exposures to chemicals in a school situation, which is far more casual and often sort term
than the professional situation.

Many household products are indicated in serious illnesses like aplastic anemia.
Look at a hematology text book and you will see that many things we do every day
like dying you hair and pumping your own gas can cumulatively cause very bad things to
happen to your blood. Occupational hazards are real, and it is foolish to be ignorant of
what is known to cause problems. It is criminal to ignore what is in MSDS sheets and cause
employees to be exposed to potential hazards. Common sense is not a legitimate defense.

OSHA requires MSDS to be collected and available to all employees for every single product
that is used in a place of business. That includes small producers, and it includes cleaning
products like bleach. It is true that there are cautions on MSDS sheets that are for conditions
that are not present in most binderies. It is also important to educate yourself about how
to read an msds so you know what is relevant, and are not alarmed unnecessarily.
An acute exposure to bleach vapor is dangerous, especially to someone who is asthmatic.
Proper ventilation is not usually hard to come by, and some people should take extra
--Cara Di Edwardo

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