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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS nonsense

	I understand and agree with some of your observations.  Persons who use
chemicals in their employment and whose workplace is unsatisfactorily
monitored undergo risks that casual users of the chemicals do not face. 
But what I am witnessing is an abhorrence of chemicals (sometimes by
members of the BOOK_ARTS list) that borders on the phobic, and a
corresponding faith in "natural products" that I consider to be fatuous:
after all,  aconite, nicotine, belladonna, and aflatoxins are all
"natural" substances.  This prevalent lack of knowledge about even the
most elementary aspects of chemistry is what causes almost all chemical
compounds to be misspelled by the popular press and for most people to
be unable to distinguish an ether from a ketone.  People need to be more
educated about the rudiments of chemistry.  For instance,  chemicals
containing the carbon-chlorine bond pose additional health risks.  My
knowledge of this causes me to treat trichloroethane more circumspectly
than ammonia. 
	Among the chemicals I use regularly are naphtha, methyl ethyl ketone,
sodium dithionite, ammonia, cyanoacrylate monomer and other glues and
resins, trichloroethane, sodium EDTA, methylcellulose.  And probably
every bookbinder uses some of these substances.  I work in a
well-ventilated area, am cautious, and have encountered no problems.
	  In addition, the ubiquity of lawyers in this litigious society makes
me believe that situations, in your words,  "where people had become
seriously ill and made accusations of exposures to chemicals in a school
situation" may not always be a consequence of some chemical's toxicity.
	I think it is alarmist to simply refer someone to the MSDS list without
some sort of reasonable, contextualizing additional information.  No
one, contemplating this list, would be willing to pursue any craft whatsoever.

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