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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS nonsense

Perhaps the old guys had it right - flour and water paste. 

Unless, of course, Dr. Atkins is right...then its only good for glue,
and not for eating. 

My office is at home, and we only use PVA, which unless you're lighting
it on fire, is pretty safe. The only other dangerous chemical we have in
our office is coffee. I have three kids, and they help out in our
office. My wife and I are emphatically against any form of dangerous or
hazardous chemicals in the home, office, or anywhere else that may come
in contact with them. 

Even so, MSDS sheets are of vital importance to any company that has
chemicals about, including cleaning supplies. We don't use any harsh
chemicals here either - only vinegar for cleaning, borax and washing
soda for laundry, and phosphate free dish washing liquid. That's our
dangerous waste in a nutshell. Had we been using anything more
dangerous, we'd keep any warning labels on hand, MSDS within easy reach,
and safety equipment close by. I love books, I'd likely lose a limb for
their protection and preservation, but I'm hoping that I don't have to
endanger myself in the process of making them. 

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