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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS Vinegar

I was asked off list by several people for how to use vinegar as a
household cleaner, and thought that others here might benefit. I'm sorry
its not directly book related, but does end the MSDS thread with some
helpful information.
Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and antibacterial. It is also
non-toxic, and safe around children and pets. Use about a 1/2 cup of
vinegar in your mop pail for floors. Also, when washing toilets and
sinks, use it undiluted. It takes time to get used to vinegar instead of
detergents, but you'll find that, after a few months, normal floor
detergents and soaps will be both acrid to your nose, and smell
terrible. Its also much cheaper than corrosive sprays and poisonous
floor cleaners. 
We use washing soda and borax on our clothing, because it is non-toxic
and cleans just as well as regular detergent. Normal soap has glass dust
added to the solution as a "whitener" or a "brightener", and also has
harsh chemicals added to "lift" stains from clothing. I have sensitive
skin, and these abrasives added to commercial detergent makes my skin
itchy. I have also noticed that the perfumes and chemicals used in
commercial cleaners also make my nose hurt, after not having used them
for so long. Its kind of strange, that most people get so used to the
smells around them, that they no longer notice them. I anticipate that
sooner than later they will discover that common household cleaners are
a big cause of athsma, and other common ailments. 
I hope this helps. I know that we are all relatively environmetnally
responsible people...perhaps this may bring us a bit closer to our goal
of environmetnal sustainability too. 
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