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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS, Vinegar, filters, etc.

At 12:31 PM 8/31/2005, you wrote:
Besides distilled white vinegar, let's remember that baking soda in place of powdered commercial cleanser (e.g. Comet) works really well -- and polishes at the same time.

I don't wish to be argumentative, but as far as I can tell, none of the products
mentioned in this "cleaning" thread actually kill pathogens. I use Murphy's oil
for floor and spraying plants, and try to be eco-friendly with other products, but
I use Clorox/Comet to clean my food prep area/cutting board. I lived in the 3rd world for
many years and may be paranoid, but a friend right here in Berkeley nearly lost her
toddler to e. coli, and there have been so many outbreaks of food-borne illness in
this country, I think Clorox is our friend!

Re: MSDS. However you feel about them for yourself, if you have *employees*
you'd better be familiar with them and have them available. Otherwise, you are
open to fines by OSHA, and lawsuits by employees.

Particulate matter: I would like to take up dyeing again in my home "studio"
(textile arts, not book arts, sorry) and the dyes (Procion and Jacquard acid dyes)
are in powder form. My laundry/dyeing area is right by the patio doors so I leave
them open when working out there, and have a fan on, but I have delayed doing
this thing I would really like to do due to worries about the particulate matter.
(It is well known that this stuff floats) I can't really install a fume hood and I can't
stand wearing a mask. Maybe I should just mix them outside. Any suggestions
from people who've worked with similar stuff would be most welcome!

(and I can't really afford a $600 air filter at this time, although it's nice to know

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