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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS, Vinegar, filters, etc.

On Sep 1, 2005, at 12:40 PM, Susan Fatemi wrote:

My.... patio doors .... open ...., and have a fan on,.... I can't really install a fume hood and I can't
stand wearing a mask. Maybe I should just mix them outside. Any suggestions
from people who've worked with similar stuff would be most welcome!

I am certainly no expert on air flow, but I think that some people expect that simply because a fan is spinning/rotating that it is moving the air. Too many times, the fan is simply wasting electricity by pulling air from the outside, and then pushing it back outside without carrying anything bad with it.
I once spoke with an objects conservator who had numerous excuses about how chemicals were used in an apartment. This person could not have a glass of wine with dinner because of alcohol sensitivity. Further discussion revealed that a range hood over a stove was being used, or in other cases, a fan was supposedly blowing the bad stuff outside. However, I asked, do you have another window open in another part of the room or apartment? The answer was "no".
I would like to know more about air flow, but I think that simply having a fan working is not sufficient. In order for a fan to be effective, one must have another window open on the opposite side of the room which will allow for the fan in another window to pull air from the outside, past where you are working, and then blow that bad stuff out thru the window. Then and only then is there a complete circuit of fresh(?) air being pulled in, and the bad air being sent out. In other words, air in a closed room cannot be exhausted even with fan without some air coming into to replace it.
This is also true for those of us who have access to a fume hood.
Hopefully, this makes sense? If anyone has a better understanding or explanation of air movement I would like to hear more.

Bill Minter

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