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Re: [BKARTS] MSDS, Vinegar, filters, etc.

I used to be a textile artist and I did some dyeing, although I did not use the powdered Procion or any of the acid dyes. Most people I knew who did use them worked outside. Procion is/was available already mixed, I thought.

If you can't wear any kind of mask, it would seem a good idea to have a light breeze passing across the work area, whether from a fan or a wind, which would cleanse the local air of particulates. And wear something on your hands, so that you don't keep powders on your skin and carry powders to your face. Take some note of clothing, as well, by wearing a smock which can be laundered immediately after mixing the dyes.

I'm a bit paranoid about breathing these chemicals, and I don't think any precautions are too extreme. And I would not mix them inside my house or studio.

Eugene, OR

On Thursday, September 1, 2005, at 09:40 AM, Susan Fatemi wrote:

Particulate matter: I would like to take up dyeing again in my home "studio"
(textile arts, not book arts, sorry) and the dyes (Procion and Jacquard acid dyes)
are in powder form. My laundry/dyeing area is right by the patio doors so I leave
them open when working out there, and have a fan on, but I have delayed doing
this thing I would really like to do due to worries about the particulate matter.
(It is well known that this stuff floats) I can't really install a fume hood and I can't
stand wearing a mask. Maybe I should just mix them outside. Any suggestions
from people who've worked with similar stuff would be most welcome!

(and I can't really afford a $600 air filter at this time, although it's nice to know

Susan Fatemi
Ph: (510) 665-3526
Fax: (510) 665-3456

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