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[BKARTS] Crafts Report and

Mark Hill wrote:

The Crafts Report is available at most Barnes and Nobles and Borders.  Also
you can subscribe online at www.craftsreport.com

It was at McNally Robinson, my local independent bookstore, here in Calgary as well (and at Chapters/Indigo): Mark's book caught my eye and I quickly snapped up their penultimate copy. ;-)

Wish they had more Canadian listings, though....

Carol Pratt <jcpratt@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I used to be a textile artist and I did some dyeing, although I did not use
the powdered Procion or any of the acid dyes.  Most people I knew who did
use them worked outside.  Procion is/was available already mixed, I thought.

Care is essential, and I always wear a mask when using powdered or ground dyes on my fibres (wool mostly, but also mohair, angora, and various camelids), even "natural" ones. I've always found it easiest to do a quick session outside, making stock solutions of the colour(s) I want to use, and then bring them inside to paint/speckle/dribble or whatever. That being said, living in an apartment has driven me to use more non-toxic substances.

Including, and don't laugh, commercial-grade food colouring, such as pastes (i.e., Wilton: you water them down) and liquid -- Costco and Superstore Club (and, I would assume, Sam's Club in the US) stock these in 500 ml bottles for fractionally more than the small "colour my icing" bottles -- and KoolAid. It's fun playing with the colours (both in the dyeing and spinning) although I don't work hard enough to make my results reproduceable.

Back to lurk mode....

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