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[BKARTS] Toronto Trip in October

  Hello all. For once, I am actually able to travel, and will be in
Toronto from October 4-9. I was wondering if there are any places I
could visit, sit in, have a coffee, browse, or otherwise make an unholy
nuisance of myself for an hour or two. I will likely be quite busy while
in toronto, but do want to buy some marbled paper and perhaps even meet
with some book artists for a coffee. What follows below is a press
release I wrote for the Dean of the Bissett School of Business, of which
I am a proud student, explaining what it is I'm there for:

   "ACE Mount Royal is proud to announce that Jeffrey Boyle, Robert
and Vance Gough will be representing Mount Royal College's Bissett
School of Business and ACE Mount Royal at the SIFE Word Cup, held in
Toronto, Ontario, in October of 2005.

   "Robert Angus has been invited to attend the First International SIFE
Financial Literacy Forum, to be held October 3, 2005 for his work on
the Red Words book, a project designed to teach entrepreneurship skills
to First Nations students on the Mount Royal College campus. This
invitation is open to 100 students, chosen from all participating
students in over 27 countries worldwide and over 300 schools. Robert
will be presenting the Red Words book project and discussing his plans
to share the business model with other schools across the world.

   "The Red Words book project was developed by Robert Angus in
with the Native Student's Centre, ACE Mount Royal, and Octavia & Co.
Press. Several students contributed poetry, short stories, and
photographs, which were compiled into a 50 page booklet and sold for
$15.00 each. The upcoming second edition is anticipated to be nearly
100 pages for a price of $10.00 each. Proceeds from these efforts will
be used to fund and promote future editions as a sustainable venture.
Profits will be donated to a charity with ties to the First Nations
community. The project may also expand this year to another book
entitled "The Canadian Experience", using the same model, but focused
on exchange students from around the world.

   "SIFE, an acronym for Students In Free Enterprise is a global
organization, which establishes student groups on college and
university campuses in order to teach market economics,
entrepreneurship skills, personal financial skills, and business ethics
through student run outreach projects. These programs are judged in a
national competition, and winning groups then present at the highest
level, called the SIFE World Cup."

If anyone is interested in hooking up and swaping stories, business
cards, or to pick me up at my hotel and take me out on the town in
search of pretty marbled papers, please contact me. I'd even be willing
to bring along some samples of my work, and we can chat about bookish
things all the while. 

PS: If anyone is interested in obtaining a copy of Red Words for $15.00
plus shipping ($2.10), please contact me off list, and I will be more
than happy to send one along. I can receive money through Paypal and
pass it on to the ACE financial officer. ACE is student organization of
which I am a part and we are all SIFE participants. ACE stands for
Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship. More information may be found on
these organizations at SIFE.Org and AceMountRoyal.Com

Thanks a bunch! 

Octavia & Co. Press
Octavia Occult . Com
3112 - 28th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta Canada
T3E 0R8
403 242 0397

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