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[BKARTS] More info for the library

Thanks Mark, for a good start. However using ILL requires all kinds 
of information besides the date and month. They obviously need the title and author, which had been mentioned in the original post.

Most libraries index their periodical holdings by Volume number 
(which year of their publication usually), Issue number (maybe Sept is issue # 
9, etc) rather than current Month and Year.

Then they want to know what page to start and stop copying. Often 
they have interns or college students doing the *grunt work* of 
copying piles of articles at once. They don't want to send more or 
less than needed, so exact page numbers are necessary.

It is good to request items like this from ILL through your local 
librarians. If they get enough requests for particular books or 
magazines they may consider purchasing/subscribing for the local 


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