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[BKARTS] seattle exhibit

Was just in Seattle (Washington, USA) and had a chance to see Claudia
Cohen's exhibit at Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers on first ave. near Pioneer
Square. I'd highly recommend it - it's rare in the NW to see so many
exemplary bindings in one place. For those working on their millimeter
bindings for Peter's online exhibit, there's an excellent example of one.
Also a small exhibit of Mare Blocker's work upstairs.

There's also the bookbinding studio of Ares Obscura in the same block, along
with other used book stores.

...and for those interested in fiber arts, there's a terrific store a few
doors down with clothing made by NW fiber artists - mostly made for the tall
and lanky, but a pleasure to browse through all the same.

Definitely warrants a day trip.

all the best,
Mission Creek Press / Pendleton, Oregon

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