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Re: [BKARTS] Japanese Book Arts


Very cool place to go, Diane! I sure hope I can get to this one. I have seen pictures of the samurai armor you mention, it would be wonderful to get to see it up close and personal, so to speak. Amazing stuff - paper. One of the artists we are visiting weaves the most amazing fabrics from paper. Thin strips of paper are twisted, like yarn, then woven. Looks a lot like linen, and it can even be washed! Several people had on some of these garments at a show of his work when he visited here earlier this summer. You would never have guessed they were paper! His name is Akihiko Izukura and you can see more of his work here, at the gallery organizing our tour:


Thanks again for the info about the museum - a definite must see!


Try the National Paper Museum :


Of special interest to me (many years ago) was the exhibit of samurai protective armor (i.e. vests) made completely out of paper. They are supposedly completely impenetrable.
Have fun!

Diane Nolting

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