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[BKARTS] "This (chuckle, chuckle) is working very well for archives""

[Forwarded from the H-France List]:

The Society for Southwest Archivists 
(http://herbie.ischool.utexas.edu/ssacares/) has been posting updates 
on both archivists and archives effected by Hurricane Katrina.

Information about Tulane is also available through 
http://emergency.tulane.edu.  The Tulane campus was apparently spared 
from the flooding but archive personnel have not been able to get back
to the campus to assess damages caused by the hurricane.

Preliminary reports indicate that the New Orleans Public Library has 
probably been the hardest hit.  Its archive of city records, including 
court cases involving slavery and petitions for freedom from the early 
nineteenth century, are housed in the basement of a building not too
far from the Superdome which did experience flooding.  The loss of 
these records would be just one more tragedy on top of all the 
suffering we've seen on our televisions this last week.

Jennifer Spear
University of California, Berkeley

Paul T Werner, New York

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Paradigm Press)

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