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[BKARTS] Celluclay alternative

I'm making a three dimensional book structure shaped out of brass screening and lined with Celluclay.  Unfortunately, the Celluclay shrinks and pulls the screening away from the form.  I've tied the screening to keep it in place and tried sand bagging it while it dries but it simply finds other places to draw up.

I like the light-weight sturdiness of Celluclay and wonder if some additives might be the answer or another plan entirely.  Maybe sawdust and wheatpaste? A plaster product that isn't brittle?  I need to make strategic cut-outs so hypertufa-type product seems out of the question.  

I'd like to use something archival but with the brass screen perhaps that's not even worth considering.

Can you offer me some ideas, resources, recipes?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bobi Wilson

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