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Re: [BKARTS] Very old letterpress printing


Two useful in-print books that would provide some insight into historical punchcutting and casting practices (regularity of the text) are _Counterpunch_ by Fred Smeijers and _A view of early typography up to about 1600_ by Harry Carter. Both books are available from Hyphen Press.

Gerald Lange

I am hoping that the printing experts here can direct me to detailed web info on 17th century typesetting.

I have come across a volume of Latin religious tracts dated from 1661. (Cologne) I am fascinated by the regularity of the text which is in a very small typeface. I haven't handled much material from the 17th century, and am just wondering about the technical aspects of printing at that time.

I realize that this is a bit "off topic," but just hoped that one of you had a historical interest that would send me in the right direction.


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