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Re: [BKARTS] Philadelphia Print Collaborative: THE BIG BLOCK

This is more for printmakers than book artists, but I
thought some folks might be interested. For those who
aren't, please forgive the cross-post.  If anyone is
interested in the prospectuses that I didn't attach,
please email Caitlin Perkins at PPC at
cperkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or go to

The Philadelphia Print Collaborative is pleased to be
producing Printing Philadelphia: The Big Block, a
celebration of the art of the woodcut. There are many
opportunities for our members, artists and the public
to learn about the fine art of woodcut printmaking
including lectures, exhibitions, workshops and a
lecture series! 

The Big Block Portfolio Exchange is open to artists
and the prospectus to participate is attached. Please
join in or forward this prospectus along to anyone who
might be interested in participating! The portfolio
will be exhibited in the new gallery space at 728 S
Broad Street in December. In addition, the Big Block
portfolio is going into both the Free Library of
Philadelphia and the Newark Public Library Collection,
and will be featured in an online exhibition through
the Print Collaborative website. The prints are due
November 16th and interested participants should RSVP
by October 14th. 

What a Relief, a juried exhibition at SPECTOR, a
gallery in south Philadelphia, will focus on the art
of the woodcut. Shelley Langdale, Assistant Curator of
Prints and Drawings of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
will be jurying this exhibition to show a sampling of
fine art prints and artworks influenced by woodcut.
Work is due in December, and the prospectus is
attached. Please pass this along to anyone who might
be interested!

The Big Block Lecture Series kicks off on Tuesday,
September 27 at the Library Company with Jim Green
talking about Franklin and the Woodcut. I hope you can
join us for this educational experience on the
earliest woodcuts in colonial America, as we begin the
celebration of Franklin's 300th birthday!

Or, take the Big Block Workshop at the Samuel S.
Fleisher Art Memorial with artist, Christopher
Hartshorne featuring a critique session at The Print
Center - it starts soon, so sign up now through the
Fleisher website.

I look forward to seeing you at these and other events
as Printing Philadelphia: The Big Block continues! 

In community,
Caitlin Perkins
Printing Philadelphia: The Big Block Coordinator


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