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[BKARTS] Turkish Map Fold

About a year ago, I offered to send out some information about "The Turkish
Map Fold," in connection with a book arts class that I was teaching at the
San Francisco Center for the Book.  About eight people from the Book Arts
listserv e-mailed me to ask me to send them class handouts, and I dutifully
filed their addresses in my e-mail folder.  Somehow, I never got around to
developing an instructional diagram that would work to teach the fold
without a face-to-face demonstration.  Now my friend and fellow folder,
David Rosen, has completed some wonderful instructions that he and I would
like to share with you.  As he mentions on his website, David is also
interested in learning more about the history of the Turkish Map Fold and
about other map folds.

On David's webpage (address above) you can download a PDF file with detailed
instructions about how to make this fold.
(In my class at San Francisco Center for the Book, we play around with
different ways to connect multiple map-fold modules to form more complex
book structures.  The possibilities are myriad.)  Enjoy!

Debbie Kogan
Soquel, California

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