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[BKARTS] FW: Urgent Assistance Needed


good morning all,


(please excuse any cross-postings)


a colleague of mine from the Center for the Book shared this with me. It
is one of the many small and meaningful ways we can respond to the
aftermath of Katrina.  Please consider donating art supplies (either new
or rarely used) to the LSU contact below, and forward to others who
might be interested.







	From: mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
	Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 10:20 AM
	To: Johnson, Dorothy
	Subject: Urgent Assistance Needed



	11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21

	Reston, VA 20190

	Telephone: (703) 437-0700

	 Facsimile: (703) 437-6312

	Dear Colleagues,

	Please give careful and immediate attention to the request in
the e-mail below from Louisiana State University professor Stuart Baron.
Please contact Stuart directly for more information or to make

	Many thanks,

	Samuel Hope

	NASAD Executive Director


	Dear Colleagues,

	This is the only expedient way to contact you that I can think
of and am making the following appeal.

	I am asking for your help in the ongoing efforts to aid the
people of New Orleans and Louisiana. Here in Baton Rouge we have a great
need for art supplies for the evacuees who are being housed and educated
in the city and at LSU. We have four cohorts in desperate need of
supplies: children and adults now living in shelters throughout the
Baton Rouge area, children who are entering the public schools who
budgets are currently overtaxed and overwhelmed by the doubling of
enrolled students, college art students from New Orleans now enrolled at
the School of Art at LSU, and professional artists who have lost not
only their supplies but their life's work. The East Baton Rouge Parish
School System is a separate entity and one that I cannot speak for, but
the others are those that I can directly reach in this effort.

	Any art supplies, especially drawing pads, sketchbooks, pencils,
markers, watercolor sets, crayons, charcoal, printmaking supplies,
sculpture tools, papers, rulers, t-squares, and anything else that is
not toxic or dangerous (e.g. oil paint chemicals) is sought to give
these souls ways to express their feelings and impressions of this
unmatched national tragedy as well as diversion and solace in their
uprooted circumstances.

	Of course, any gift in kind to the University has tax benefits,
but your heartfelt willingness to help us in this time of abject need
will not go unappreciated or publicly unnoticed. I cannot possibly
explain to you the depth of hardship that now exists and the necessity
for life-sustaining support. Art is such a powerful means of achieving
those true expressions of loss, fear, confusion, grief, and, most
importantly, hope, which words alone cannot convey. No donation would be
too small. Please, please help us by providing what you can. This is
only one form of positive intervention, coming quickly from the entire
country, that will enable the people and artists of the greater New
Orleans area and Mississippi to sustain any possibility of a future

	All donations can be sent directly to the School of Art office
at the address below.

	NASAD and its member schools provide unparalleled academic
support. It is my most humble and sincere hope that everyone can rise to
this horrid occasion in the most expeditious manner possible. Thank you
all, and I will do so again at this year's annual conference.



	Stuart Baron


	Director, School of Art

	Louisiana State University

	123 Art Building

	Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803

	225.578.5414 (office)

	225.578.5424 (fax)



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