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[BKARTS] Good News on New Orleans Archives

Courtesy of 
Paul T Werner, New York
> Michelle K. Rhoades
> Assistant Professor of History
> Wabash College
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Folks, this is good news and I thought some of y'all would be 
> interested.We  got people into the main library and it looks like 
> a great many
> historical  documents stored 2 floors below ground have been 
> saved. I
> understand that a  Swedish company (I don't know if that is 
> Munter's) has
> volunteered to rescue  and restore what needs to be done.  That's 
> almost300 years of local history  that has been saved. 
> New Orleans Public Library, September 8:
> Louisiana State Librarian Rebecca Hamilton writes:
> "The New Orleans City Archives at the Main Library
> are not underwater and are dry. The camera took pictures
> at a weird angle and made it look to staff
> like it was underwater but they are not. A company
> called Munter's has been hired by the library to
> remove them and get them out of New Orleans. They
> are safe. Someone broke some windows and was living
> in the library but they did not hurt anything. I am
> in tears I am so happy. NOPL's Geri Harris thought
> all was lost and we are all relieved to know that so
> much of Louisiana's history has been spared."
> Damian Girard Lambert        
> New Orleans Public Library   
> Manager, Nix Branch          
> New Orleans, LA 70118        
> 504-596-2631                 
> dgmlambert@xxxxxxxxxxx       
> dlambert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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