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Re: [BKARTS] procion dyes etc.

At 08:34 AM 9/11/2005, Henrietta Clews wrote:

1) Build a clear plexiglass box, or better yet, buy a large clear storage box such as they have at Walmart. Cut two round hand-sized holes in the side. When ready to dye, put the lid of the box on the counter upside-down, place damp paper towels all over it. Place on it the jar of dye powder, measuring spoon, empty jar with lid and measuring cup with water. Put the box on the lid upside-down. Put light-weight dust mask on if you want but I do not. Put on gloves. Reach in holes and measure dye powder into jar, replace lid on powder, add water to other jar, put on lid, shake.

The whole point is to contain the dust and KEEP IT FROM BLOWING AROUND! We do NOT want good ventilation here, we want stillness! Keep doors and windows closed.

Thank you Henrietta, this is brilliant! It would even work in the winter, even in
the house! Even if one were not concerned about getting it up one's nose,
I don't want it getting all over everything else in the laundry/garage/rec room/
storage area, esp. the other fabrics!

Marian Clayden, the fairly well-known textile artist and designer, started many
years ago with dyeing, discharge dyeing, and burn-out. After a few years, she
developed a severe "sensitivity" to the chemicals and had to have that part
of the work done by others (hopefully with sensible precautions!)

Folks, it's not like a one-time exposure is going to kill you, but the
cumulative effects of "whatever" could actually end up preventing you
from doing what you love!  (I was very interested in printmaking at one
time until I found out their life-expectancy wasn't that great. Maybe it's
different now with acrylics, but the inks used in printmaking have a
deleterious effect on the liver)


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