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Re: [BKARTS] procion dyes etc.

At 01:16 PM 9/12/2005, Virginia Turnbull wrote:
Has anyone had any luck finding that "large clear storage box" at Walmart's??
Are we talking about something like those Rubbermaid snap-top storage bins here?
As an old chemist who dabbles in egg tempera (which entails grinding one's own pigments many of which contain heavy metals), I'm very impressed with this idea.
I do the pigment prep in a greenhouse that adjoins my living space and I do wear a suitable face mask, gloves, etc, but the idea of physically containing the dust is most attractive.

Lacking a local Walmart, I buy my storage bins at Target.
(I prefer the Sterilite brand to Rubbermaid, but basically the same)

They aren't clear as glass, being a softer vinyl, but "clear-ish".
I wouldn't know how to cut a hole in the clearer -but-more-rigid
ones without breaking the plastic.  But this sounds like a great
idea, and I'm eager to try it.

(anyone who doesn't think this is a great idea has never had to
clean Procion off of every available surface, never mind getting it
in your eyes, nose, and hair!)

Susan Fatemi
Ph: (510) 665-3526
Fax: (510) 665-3456

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