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Re: [BKARTS] procion dyes etc.

I had a local lucite/plastics company make me a dye box a few years ago, and
it was the best investment I've ever made in my art.  It's 2'w x 1'h x
1'deep.  The top is hinged on the back.  The front has 2 4" holes, lined
with 2"lengths of pvc.  All edges have been rounded.  It's wonderfully
comfortable to work with, and I use it for mixing all powders.  I have a
pair of elbow-length rubber gloves that I wear.  I put everything in thru
the top that I'll be mixing.  Then, I reach in through the 4"holes and open
the containers, do my mixing, and re-seal everything.  It's wonderful, and I
no longer feel the need for wearing a mask.

If anyone would like to see the box, let me know off-list and I'll email the
Bev Snow

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