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[BKARTS] Alum in Paper

Wow Signa, this can be a can of worms! In marbling we need to remember that the alum fixes the color by reacting to form an insoluble salt. In theory alum that has not reacted is removed by rinsing after marbling.
Fiber people will have a contribution to make here for their use of alum as a mordant.
Having said this there are some who believe that the alum actually can be advantageous to the paper. You might join then check the archives of the Yahoo marbling group at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Marbling/ for a more full discussion of this.
The alum alone is a very weak acid; it seems to be true that it is seriously harmful as part of a reaction involving chlorides left over from pulp bleaching. To a lesser degree other chemical residues may also react with the alum to produce deleterious effects. It is simply true that the reaction mechanisms are not fully understood.
Best, James

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