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[BKARTS] Reminder: Reading: Opening TOMORROW

Reminder that there will be a reception to mark the opening of BEYOND
WORDS, an exhibition of Ilse Schreiber-Noll's artists' books at the John
Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers-Newark, on Tuesday, September 20, 2005,
5:30-8:00. Schreiber-Noll creates one-of-a-kind books as well as limited
editions, often in collaboration with poets. A frequent collaborator of
Schreiber-Noll's, the poet, Galway Kinnell, will read from his recent
translation, "The Essential Rilke," the evening of the opening.

Between 1960 and 2000, Galway Kinnell published fifteen books of poetry.
In 1983, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and shared the American Book
Award for his "Selected Poems, 1982." The following year, he was awarded
the MacArthur Foundation Award (which MacArthur laureate, Jim Collins, is
kind enough to tell us in today TIMES, is given for creativity and not
mere genius). He has also published a novel, "Black Light" (1966) a
collection of edited interviews, "Walking Down the Stairs" (1978), and
several translations of poetry, including "The Essential Rilke" (1999),
Yves Bonefoy's "The Early Poems, 1947-1959" (1977), "The Poems of Francois
Villon"  (1965, rev. 1977), Yvan Goll's "Lackawanna Elegy" (1970) and Rene
Hardy's "Bitter Victory" (1956). Kinnell also provided illustrations to
the children's book, "The Snow Rabbits," by Pati Hill (1962).

In addition to his collaborations with Schreiber-Noll, Galway Kinnell has
generously provided poems for many eminent artistic and fine presses: The
Rara Avis Press, The Perishable Press, The Red Ozier Press, The Firefly
Press, The Salmon Run Press, The Aralia Press and The Janus Press to name
only a few.

Kinnell has been called "one of the most powerful and moving poets of his
generation." Patrick Keane has praised his poetry as "an elementary poetry
-- a poetry of dark woods and snow; of wind and fire and stars; of bone
and blood. His subjects are perennial: love illumined and made more
precious by the omnipresence of death." The poet, Hank Lazer, has also
singled out Kinnell's heightened, heroic engagement with life and death,
characterizing the best of his poetry as Rilkean. Kinnell's poetry enters
the same "crucial territory in the life / interface," he declares, "by his
own vision."

Lazer offers the following poem from "Mortal Acts, Mortal Words" (1980) as
an example of Kinnell at his Rilkean best:

I say "God"; I believe
Rather, in a music of grace
That we hear, sometimes, playing to us
>From the other side of happiness.
When we hear it, when it flows
Through our bodies, it lets us live
These days lighted by their vanity
Worshipping--as the other animals do,
Who live and die in the spirit
Of the end--that backward-spreading
Brightness. And it speaks in notes struck
Or caressed or blown or plucked
Off our own bodies: "remember
Existence already remembers
The flush upon it you will have been,
You who have reached out ahead
And taken up some of the black dust
We become, souvenir
Which glitters already in the bones of your hand."

[my quotation marks replace italics in last usage]

Alternatively, Harold Bloom has praised Kinnell's "descriptive powers,"
characterizing them as possessing "a Whitmanesque amplitude." Poet, Donald
Hall, writing from a similar point of view, has celebrated
Kinnell'facility for absorbing and mimicking the nature of the world, and
for finding profundity as well as comedy in the common particulars of
living, noting "when Galway Kinnell puts his feet into old shoes bought at
the Salvation Army, he does not fill them; the shoes fill him."

Kinnell's reading will begin at 6:00, and it is advisable to arrive early.
Directions to the Dana Library are available on its website:

Michael Joseph

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