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Re: [BKARTS] WOID #XIII-41. Blue Bayou

A pre service student art teacher from Philadelphia went down while in the
Super dome in Houston; brought supplies from her own studio and
boughtsupplies on her own. Set up in an area a makeshift class room . The
children flocked to her , using the supplies appropriately, sharing and when
they were done cleaned up without the usual problems. They were respectful,
and adoring of her and what she was doing. She had to go back for her own
school year.  I sent the post around to the art teachers I know and several
generous friends, who had already done much in sending money and supplies.
They contacted her and basically funded the work she had done. Those
children drew and painted and made sculptures, sometimes of what they were
living though, sometimes the world they preferred. It gave the children a
positive way to work through things in their own very real language of art
and gave the caretakers some respite.

Yes they need water , food, shelter and clothing, but for children, and many
adults , without art, life is less than human.

Leslie A.Miller
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street, #309
Boston, MA 02210
and www.fountainstreetstudios.com

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Hello, You know not of what you speak. There is very much evidence that
children can most often address trauma by drawing. The sooner you get them
the tools for doing this the better off they are. When they are sitting in
shelters all day they need to have creative tools to help them process what
has happened to them Now is exactly the time they need these things. ARGGGG.
Sandy Olson
From: Mark Hill

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