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[BKARTS] Blue Bayou

> I believe Mr. Warner was doing was using the tragic event
> as an opportunity to sound off on his personal philosophy on 

My article referenced serious arguments about the roots of poverty and 
the system of social welfare, many of which have been developed by 
respected scholars who have been my friends for years. I had a long 
discussion with one such scholar, a tenured professor of Social 
Policy, before posting my article. Of course I take full 
responsibility for the final result. I realize this can be confusing 
for those among us whose idea of an authoritative source is Rush 

Incidentally, my article does not say that art is useless; or that 
traumatized children cannot benefit from art activities. And from all 
the reports I've received the response from Houston, at all levels of 
the educational system, has been exemplary.
Hey, kids: can you say "Needs Assessment?

Paul T Werner, New York

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