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Re: [BKARTS] Blue Bayou

"My article referenced serious arguments..." --Paul Werner

I don't believe that your presentation of a second-hand story about a friend
seeing art supplies kept behind locked doors of a "welfare hotel" qualifies
as a serious or scholarly argument on the subject. It brought to mind a
similar tale often used by Ronald Reagan about having "heard about" welfare
mothers using food stamps for buying vodka. Reagan, Rush, and yourself share
a similar technique of attempting to simplify complex issues through
manufactured parables and bombast in order to elicit knee-jerk reaction.
This is hardly scholarship. 

In conclusion of your original post you wrote, referring to a friend in New
Orleans: "Maybe he needs some help but I'm going to wait to be asked." The
callous indifference and lack of compassion displayed in such a statement is
remarkable. --Hal Truschke

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