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Re: [BKARTS] Belanger MacArthur winner

Congratulations to Terry Belanger for receiving one of this year's 25
MacArthur "genius" awards. On the MacArthur site
<http://www.macfound.org/programs/fel/winners_overview.htm> it says:

Terry Belanger
Rare Book Preservationist
University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special Collections
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia
Age: 64 
Terry Belanger is a historian, collector, and protector of one of
humankind¹s greatest inventions: the book. To support the study of the
book¹s long history, Belanger created a teaching and archive facility, the
Rare Book School (RBS), in 1983 as part of Columbia University¹s School of
Library Service; in 1992, he moved it to its current home at the University
of Virginia. The RBS functions as an independent, non-profit institute
devoted to the histories of manuscripts, print, electronic text, and
everything in between. It transcends the limitations of traditional degree
programs by making its wide-ranging offerings available to a broad range of
professionals interested in studying and preserving these cultural
artifacts; historians, literary scholars, librarians, conservators,
collectors, and book artists attend RBS courses each year. In the classroom,
Belanger uses original tools and materials to provide students with hands-on
experience and to emphasize the relationship between the physical and
intellectual structure of the book. He assiduously collects items related to
bookmaking, from the remains of incunabula (the first printed books of the
fifteenth century) and their handwritten precursors to books demonstrating
the range of bindings and structures, to samples of materials from which
books have been constructed. With thousands of former students currently at
work in the field and offshoots of his programs in California, France,
Australia, and New Zealand, Belanger is making the world a more secure place
for the irreplaceable legacy of the book.

Terry Belanger received a B.A. (1963) from Haverford College and an M.A.
(1964) and Ph.D. (1970) from Columbia University. He was on the faculty of
the School of Library Service at Columbia University (1971-1992), where he
served as assistant dean (1980-86). He established the Book Arts Press
(1971) at Columbia as a bibliographical laboratory for the training of rare
book and special collections librarians and antiquarian booksellers. In
1983, he instituted the Rare Book School, also at Columbia. Belanger moved
both the Book Arts Press and Rare Book School to the University of Virginia
in 1992, where he now holds the position of University Professor and
Honorary Curator of Special Collections. In the Richmond Times Dispatch,
Terry was quoted as saying, "The MacArthur is enabling my field in a very
real way," Belanger said yesterday. "This is a pretty small operation and
it's going to make a difference."

Belanger runs the Rare Book School at U.Va., which is dedicated to things
such as the histories of manuscripts, print and electronic texts. He holds
the rank of University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special

The foundation praised Belanger for "making the world a more secure place
for the irreplaceable legacy of the book."

Congratulations, Terry!

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