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[BKARTS] blank Colophon

Instead of accolades, the digest offered a website's worst nightmare: accounts of a blank page.

And worse than that, not everyone was having the same problem, so it was not going to yield its secret in any straightforward manner.

I have a PC and Mac and the page renders correctly on both and the code that renders it is unchanged since 1996.

So, either there was a transient phenomena at the server (in NYC) or a transient phenomena local to the those having the problem. I don't believe it's in the page, but I can't be certain yet.

So, can anyone who has this problem again write me directly and include time (or times) and your location and browser being used. And maybe I can triangulate.

Here is a link to the first content page, in case there is some problem local to the splash page:

Thanks for your help,
Colophon Page http://colophon.com

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