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[BKARTS] Colophon... Filling in the blank.

In the 9 plus years I have been following this list I have never seen expressed any great interest in the intricacies of html (even though Richard Minsky perceptively called it the binding of the web). Yet, my hat goes off to Matthew Garelick who brilliantly nailed the problem by suggesting that the name of the splash image file might be triggering spam/pop-up blockers with its name "banner.gif".

And lo and behold, I changed the name of the splash logo image and now, as anyone can see, the logo is there and it is the link to the main content page and the photos I was so proud to share (and Foolscap Press latest and the current calendar). Please enjoy if you have not already.

After this I will definitely consider this list as a first stop for a variety of household problems.

(I understand newsprint is unsurpassed for cleaning windows...)

Thank you Matthew!

Colophon Page http://colophon.com

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