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Dear Bookbinder,

Thanks for your interest in our bookbinding equipment and materials.

We are discontinuing our paper bound product line and have some very
nice equipment for sale. This first 4 items on this equipment list
equipment were used for very light production for about 1 year, have
been kept well cleaned and maintained and are in excellent to mint
condition. The rest of the machinery on the list is older but all is in
good working order.

Here's the list:
Schaefer Smoothing Press 18 inch
CMC Folding Machine- 29 inch
ODM Glue Spreader- 19.25 inch Topside model by American Graphics puts glue on top side of paper.
Polar - Mohr 36 inch paper cutter with Microcut Jr. 1982 Model??. Great Shape, new Hi speed steel knives
Case Maker- made by local machine shop, vacuum table capability, just needs a vac
Champion Paper Drill- single head
D&M Pro Fold- electric folding machine, (this ones a little shaky)
Schaefer Type 9 MS Label Cementer
Pneumatic Punch Press- for cut outs in book covers, includes die-set Osha type controls
Hot Stamping Press- has automatic foil feed, heated platen & Power Team
Hydraulics 75 Ton. very nice... Osha two-hand controls.

We also have small to large amounts of the following bookbinding supplies:
Book blocks- 5 5/16 X 8 3/16 150 pgs (30 to a box)
Smythe sewn, lightly ruled pages, 70# paper,
perfect for journals, 18
signatures so they lay flat nice and flat when
open. These are $15 per box
and there's a 4 box boxes each weigh approx. 27

Book Cloth- paper backed, assorted colors 29 X 27 sheets
Black Liner Paper- 80#, 2' X 3' sheets
Arches Textured Watercolor Paper- various weights (all heavy)
Chip Board- approx. .110 thick, 2 sizes: 4 5/8 X 6 5/8 & 12 1/2 X 12
1/4" one pallet load...(these were for Photo albums).
Hot Stamping Foil- assorted colors
Permaline & Rainbow Paper- 4 3/4 X 8 3/4 & 13 3/4 X 14 3/4 sheets,
assorted colors, Buckram finish, 70# and 80#

If you have any interest in the items we've listed or want pictures please email me at bds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or call Tuesday through Friday after 10:30 ask for Brendan
We have more stuff to get rid of than is on this list, so feel free to call and make an appointment to come up to Santa Rosa and do some shopping...

Happy Book Binding !
Brendan Smith
Oberon Design

On Sep 23, 2005, at 7:10 AM, Joan Michaels Paque wrote:

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Subject: 	[Fwd: Scripps College Press Program OOPS
Date: 	Fri, 23 Sep 2005 09:07:23 -0500
From: 	Joan Michaels Paque <joanmichaels@xxxxxxxxx>
To: 	Beddall Bookbinding <allen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I inadvertently put a space in the email address of Kitty Maryatt.
The correct  address is:   KMaryatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Joan Michaels Paque

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	Scripps College Press Program
Date: 	Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:27:18 -0500
From: 	Joan Michaels Paque <joanmichaels@xxxxxxxxx>
To: 	BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Book Arts People,

I've just returned from being a visiting artist/teacher at Scripps College in Claremont , CA.
They have a unique press program that, I think, is worthy of study. In 1986
Kitty Maryatt became director of Scripps College Press and instituted
a program of collaborative books. Two books are produced each year by the
typography class. Advanced students produce books as independent study
projects. Prof. Maryatt also accepts independent study in type design, book
structures, calligraphy and artist's books. What is remarkable about this is
the professional quality and originality of the books produced.

Thirty eight books have been produced in the last nineteen years. There is
an impressive list of institutions that have purchased these for their
collections including MOMA, N.Y., Victoria and Albert Museum, London,
Library of Congress and numerous universities. How fortunate these students
are to be getting this kind of experience. It's what education should be all about.
Foe more information contact Kitty Maryatt at KMaryatt@ ScrippsCol.edu
or www.scrippscol.edu/~dept/art/press/index.html

Joan MIchaels Paque
JMP Atelier

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Edelpappband / "Millimeter" Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005
For all your subscription questions, go to the
Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information

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