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Re: [BKARTS] clever/interesting book web site

In a message dated 9/22/05 12:31:13 AM, JamieJT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I should also note:, I tend to leave these lying around a lot...bus stops, 
library bathrooms, and coffee shops. I even left one on a Chapter's 
bookshelf...wonder if anyone got busted for shoplifting over that one? >>

This concept just became a whole lot more appealing after my experience 
today.  I brought in a large box and a bag of fiction to the used book store, the 
only book store that had said they accepted fiction.  These were hardbacks in 
perfect condition.  The owner did not want them because he said they would not 
sell.  He said the library would not want them either and would put them on 
sale.  So - looks like I'll be releasing them instead!

Mary Katherine

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