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Re: [BKARTS] Protective finish for pastepaper

Hi Cathy,

I use this type of wax to protect finished work also. I just use a bit of paper toweling to rub on a thin layer, let dry 15 or 20 minutes (I am in New Mexico, where there is no humidity to speak of), then buff with a soft piece of old tee shirt to a soft luster. I especially like to use it where I have done acrylic and collage work in books so that the pages don't stick together when the book is closed. I have also used it to protect papers that I have used to cover book boards with to resist staining from handling.

The wax comes in a small jar. I am using Dorland's Wax Medium. I buy it at my fine arts supply store. I

some product information:

I have been very pleased with the results. It doesn't discolor or stain the work.


On the subject of pastepaper, a message from a few years ago in the Bookarts archive said, "I always coat mine with either a microcrystaline or acrylic wax to
protect the surface." Could someone familiar with this technique describe how the wax should be applied, and what form it comes in for this purpose? The only acrylic wax I know of is liquid floor wax...

Thank you,

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