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[BKARTS] protective Finish for pastepaper

Hi Cathy,
I use pastepaper mostly on the boards of half bindings so they have to be sturdy.  What I do is to spray 2 coats of fixative (like you would use on pastels) let dry, then rub in "Renaissance Wax", let dry, and buff a little.  It doesn't put a shine on the paper, in fact I can hardly tell any difference.  It just protects the surface from dampness, which is death to paste paper.

Carole Vanderhoof
Lonely Pine Bindery

>Date:    Sun, 25 Sep 2005 20:42:51 -0700
>From:    Cathy de Heer <cathy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Protective finish for pastepaper


>On the subject of pastepaper, a message from a few years ago in the 
>Bookarts archive said, "I always coat mine with either a 
>microcrystaline or acrylic wax to
>protect the surface." Could someone familiar with this technique 
>describe how the wax should be applied, and what form it comes in for 
>this purpose? The only acrylic wax I know of is liquid floor wax...

Thank you,


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