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[BKARTS] non-flattness in leather covers

Greetings formally trained binders and other experts,

The question following assumes the use of goat skins from Harmatan's Fine Leather line, Davey board ranging from .074 - .096, and wheat paste cooked on my own little range top.

I have long been aware of the tendency of book covers to change with the weather. This summer, I drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to Orlando, FL and back through the along Interstate 40 and 10 (souther routes). Carrying some of my work with me, I had an opportunity to watch the results of extreme environmental factors (we didn't stay indoors during the 3 week trip).

During my very brief and hardly formal preparation for binding with leather, my instructor indicated the convex nature of finished (closed) book and described it with a word I remember as bombé (French). My memory also suggests he supplied the translation: barrel. Research since supplies the translation: bent. Either might seem accurate enough for the condition, though barrel would have seemed more complimentary. My memory further suggests that he said this was a desirable condition (within reason I assume).

My questions are multiple:

Is this term correct?
Is this a desirable binding outcome?
Given that the interior and exterior of a finished covers are going to respond differently to humidity changes, do you bind differently for clients in different regions?
Or do you assume modern climate control and a homogeneous world environment?
Or do you construct covers so rigid, their are immune?
How much is your answer guided by stylistic prejudice? (I prefer context to mandates)

Best regards,
Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711

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