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Re: [BKARTS] Restoration of the Wizard of Oz (1903)

Peng-Peng Wang wrote:

> This book has personal sentimental value
> and cannot be replaced by any other copy
> found on Ebay

Perhaps I understood the query differently than Don & Peter. It doesn't seem to me that bookfinder, abebooks, ilab etc. would help any more than eBay, as they will not have the copy of this book that that Peng-Peng's friend had as a child.

"Other options" to restoration might include keeping the book in its current state with a preservation enclosure.

If she would like THIS COPY restored to a functional state, then repairing the tears with tissue or Filmoplast P (Neschen) and resewing the loose part (or the whole book) seems sensible. What you may find on eBay or wherever (a library?) is a copy of the book with an intact spine, so you can scan the spine and print out a copy on similar paper to replace the missing spine on her copy.


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