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Re: [BKARTS] Seen any great resumes?

If your son is a graphic artist, he already KNOWS how to make his resume look 
appealing. A resume is nothing more than an advertisement for a person's 
skills and knowledge. Make it easy to read, just eye-catching enouth to make the 
prospective employer look at it twice, but make all the pertinant information a 
quick, easy read. Pick a font that is easy to read. Make it look good, show 
the prospective employer that the applicant has good taste ie: knows what looks 
good and what doesn't. Knows that an Old English font should not be all caps, 
knows how to lay out a page, knows how to comunicate with words and images 
and knows enough to do so tastefully.
    If it is his own creation and conforms to the aforementioned, he should 
be in the running for the job.
    Aside from that, it helps to know someone  :)
Good luck,


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