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[BKARTS] ANNOUNCEMENT: Free Public Lecture on Paper Marbling History at Pyramid Atlantic

*Please forgive any cross-posting of the following announcement*

Gardens of the Imagination:
Traditions of Paper Marbling in Asia and the Islamic World

A free public presentation by Jake Benson

When: Friday October 14th at 7 -8 PM

Where: Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center,
8230 Georgia Avenue. Silver Spring, MD.

Who should attend: This lecture is meant to raise awareness among contemporary artists and craftspeople about the art of marbling. Yet it will also be of great interest to Librarians, Curators, Scholars, Conservators, and Collectors and others who encounter marbled papers during the course of their work or research. This event will hopefully serve to inspire further identification and publication of marbled papers within public and private collections in the US and abroad. In addition to scholars and curatorial staff, specialists in Asian and Islamic art and culture are especially encouraged to attend.

General Description: Join marbler and historian Jake Benson for a cross-cultural visual exploration of the art of marbling. Many people are familiar with marbled designs from contemporary commercial packaging, graphic design, professional matting, and bookbinding. Yet comparatively few fully understand just how these curious designs are created, much less familiar with the very rich history and wide variety of specialized applications for marbled paper found in different cultures.

The lecture will cover the latest research and insight into the earliest forms of marbling in East Asia, including an overview of suminagashi papers found in important Japanese manuscripts. Methods of marbling in the Eastern Islamic world will be presented in detail, concentrating on areas in Central Asia, South Asia, and Western Asia. The lecture will not only look at variant methods of marbling, but also the historical role of marbling in manuscript production.

A selection of datable works by famous calligraphers and poets written directly over the surface of a marbled sheet will be shown. In addition, a detailed examination of the incorporation of marbling into painting and manuscript illumination and illustration will be offered. Many of the images the will be presented have either not been published or are not widely recognized. Finally, the relationship of these early methods to the development of marbling in Europe and America will be briefly covered.

On the following day, Saturday October 15th, Pyramid Atlantic will host a daylong intensive workshop on traditional and contemporary forms of Japanese suminagashi marbling taught by Mr. Benson. For directions to the Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, please follow the link to the center’s web site listed at the top of this announcement. A full description of the workshop has been posted on the Pyramid Atlantic web site and can be viewed by clicking on the direct link below, and look for the second workshop listed. A registration form in adobe PDF format is available to download by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.


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