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[BKARTS] October Book of Days, Again

Fellow Bookmakers:

My apologies if this is the second time you receive this message, but this morning I had a message from the Book Arts L server stating my posting from yesterday was being returned, unprocessed and not posted to the list. Although I know that I received the message yesterday, who knows, maybe the rest of you did not. I'm confused, but this is nothing new. My original posting follows below.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Convivio Book of Days for October is posted. The 18th is an auspicious day for artists/artisans, the 19th for apples, and the 31st, of course, for pumpkins. That, to me, sounds like a pretty good month. My big sister, in her gypsy costume circa 1960, is this month's cover star. Start with a click:


From there, go to "About Us," and find "Book of Days: October" in the usual Book of Days place. We're in the midst of making some bigger changes to our website (and our business plan), revolving mainly around our Book of Days project, that will become apparent over the next few weeks, and you will notice one link on the October page that is not yet live, but will be, soon. The changes will also make navigation and communication easier. Simplicity is the key!

Stop also at our "Current Projects" page (from the same link above) to meet our new orange press operator. Orange, after all, is the IN color this month.


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