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[BKARTS] American Publishers' Bindings Reminder

If you have put off ordering a pre-publication discount subscription to the catalog
of the exhibition _American Decorated Publishers' Bindings, 1872-1929_, there
will be a price increase October 16. Orders placed on or before October 15 will
be at the current price for the Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, or CD-ROM edition.

Only 5 copies of the Deluxe Edition and 12 copies of the Limited Edition remain
available at Pre-Publication pricing.

The exhibition has ended, but the web version is archived at

More than 50 designers are represented in the collection, and the catalog has been
expanded from the original 200 books to include 400 designs. The Deluxe Edition
will have color images of all 400 covers, with detail images of significant monograms.
The Limited Edition will have 100 color images illustrating the catalog essays. Both
editions include the CD-ROM, which has all the images and more, including a
database of the collection.

Pre-publication subscribers have immediate access to the private Subscribers'
Website. This has a checklist of all 400 books in the collection with color images,
updated as new items are added, and current drafts of the essays, updated as they
are written. It also has current versions of the database that you can download in
either tab delimited or .xls format.

All three editions are scheduled for publication in 2006.

Details about the editions and an earlier (incomplete) version of the checklist are at

A sample draft essay is at


Edelpappband / "Millimeter" Binding Bind-O-Rama, Entry Deadline - October 1, 2005
For all your subscription questions, go to the
Book_Arts-L FAQ and Archive.
See <http://www.philobiblon.com> for full information

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