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[BKARTS] J. Hewit & Sons - Skin Deep Volume 20

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Hewit Newsletter - 'Skin Deep' No.20 - October 2005

To our Customers and Friends.

We are pleased to announce the publication of Skin Deep, Vol.20, Autumn 2005 at: http://www.hewit.com/skindeep.htm

The Municipal Library Bindery - The 'ups' and 'downs ' - 150 years of binding at the Hull Bindery by Stephen Ingram, the current Bindery Manager. To go directly to this article click http://www.hewit.com/sd20-mun.htm

The Decline and Fall, part 1 - The Institutional Bindery - Some facts and figures regarding the decline in institutional binding. To go directly to this article click http://www.hewit.com/sd20-ris1.htm

The Decline and Fall, part 2 - The public Library - Nigel Jury, the editor of the Society of Bookbinders Newsletter adds a third dimension, to the issues raised in the first two articles. To go directly to this article click http://www.hewit.com/sd20-ris2.htm

The Vended Book - One bookbinder's foray in to the world of 'Art*o*Mat' Books By Jane Cheng. To go directly to this article click http://www.hewit.com/sd20-vend.htm

And last, but not least, there are the usual regular features:
'Product & Company News' - http://www.hewit.com/sd20-comp.htm
'Study Opportunities' - http://www.hewit.com/sd20-stdy.htm
'Dates for your Diary' - http://www.hewit.com/sd20-date.htm

'Letters & Feedback' - http://www.hewit.com/sd20-lett.htm

A full .pdf file of this edition (and back issues) of Skin Deep may be downloaded from the 'Downloads' page on our web site at: http://www.hewit.com/downloads.htm

We hope that you enjoy reading this offering of Skin Deep

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Happy reading


David Lanning Sale Director

J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.
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