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[BKARTS] rabbit skin books!

Hi all,
 I intend to write a short text about the use of animal "materials" in book

Yes, I realise that this could be a shocking read, like when rat skin was
mentioned on this List a while ago!

However, I am very much interested in communicating the seriousness of the
history of book making with regard to animal 'materials'.

This text is to provide students (aged 16 up) with follow up information
after we were discussing rabbit skin as the sizing properties of painters'
canvases, calf, sheep and goat skins for parchment material.....
 I would very much appreciate more informed information about this
 Also, where there have be bans on materials used etc?...

Be great to get information, links, sources etc!..
Paul Bettinson
Postboks 4703 Sofienberg
0506 Oslo
Tel: 0047 99534993

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