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Re: [BKARTS] rabbit skin books!

--- Paul Bettinson <paul.bettinson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
>  I intend to write a short text about the use of
> animal "materials" in book
> making.
> Yes, I realise that this could be a shocking read,
> like when rat skin was
> mentioned on this List a while ago!
> However, I am very much interested in communicating
> the seriousness of the
> history of book making with regard to animal
> 'materials'.
> This text is to provide students (aged 16 up) with
> follow up information
> after we were discussing rabbit skin as the sizing
> properties of painters'
> canvases, calf, sheep and goat skins for parchment
> material.....
>  I would very much appreciate more informed
> information about this
> topic.....
>  Also, where there have be bans on materials used
> etc?...
> Be great to get information, links, sources etc!..
>  regards
>  --
> Paul Bettinson
> http://ncfab.org
> Postboks 4703 Sofienberg
> 0506 Oslo
> Norway
> Tel: 0047 99534993


I have a paperback book that has been hardbound with
probaly pony skin.  Title is "Martin Fierro" and if
you go to the following URL:


A book search site.  Click on "used book' search and
go with the following:

    Title:    Martin Fierro

     Keyword:   Unusual

     Binding:  Hardbound

you will come up with 7 examples of this book in a
special skin binding.

Mine is bound by hand and has a front cover that looks
like it has been done by a wood burning pencil and
then colored.  Title on top with a picture of a Gaucho
on horseback standing on a grassy field.  Looks like
hand made endpapers.  Has a red bookmark ribbon. Has a
inscription in Spanish signed in 1955.


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