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Re: [BKARTS] rabbit skin books!/Oppossum vellum

Since I'm the one who introduced Lloyd's oppossum skin vellum to
this side of the pond I should make a few remarks.

These skins are naturally thin and very strong.  As with goat vellum,
there are often tiny hairs which do not come out during dehairing, esp.
along the spine, and sometimes along the edges.

These do not stick out from the skin, but resemble tiny pepper spots.

Also, while the male skins are fairly smooth, and sometimes mottled,
female skins often have some scars down the spine made by over-excited
males during mating.


>I bound some books in opossum skin vellum, made by a man in New Zealand.
>The vellum is very nice, and his email address is Lloyd Lewis
>[james.torrey@xxxxxxxxxx], in case you care to contact him for more
>Helen Keiser

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